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Ha Town home 2-1 Lectra powerful

Le 8 November 2017, 11:49 dans Humeurs 0

Ha Town home 2-1 Lectra powerful Manchester United, it is undoubtedly the team has been the highlight of the season so far. In the game, Manchester United was mired in high morale Ha Town completely defeated, the home team in the game 90 minutes showed the desire to win, the spirit of struggle so that the Red Devils helpless. To be sure, if Manchester City despised an opponent like Ha Town, they would definitely suffer if Blue Moon did not seriously prepare for the game. In the fourth round of the Champions League last week, Tottenham 3-1 at home defending champion Real Madrid Markus Hannikainen Jersey, the team recently quite good condition. However, Tottenham, home to beat the Crystal Palace is undoubtedly regarded as a difficult victory Oliver Bjorkstrand Jersey, but after 90 minutes of hard fighting, Pochettino's team won the 3 points. An hour after the service, Sun Hing-kuo succeeded in front of the arc in the restricted area and succeeded in taking the lead in this team's victory. Sun Hing-kuo is still a sober mind, the South Korean striker made it clear that he is still for the goal, improve full of desire. Sun Hing-han said: "In fact, in this game I got several good scoring opportunities, so only scored a goal worth nothing to show off Sonny Milano Jersey, I was even disappointed in this course, the result is Most importantly, Tottenham can earn 3 points and I'm very happy Jordan Schroeder Jersey.

Since the new season

Le 8 November 2017, 11:49 dans Humeurs 0

Since the new season, the Australian midfielder Aron - Moi is undoubtedly the best performing team Kazakhstan team, last season he played for Manchester City, and moved to join Harzhen this summer. At the John Smith Stadium, Moi must hope that the old club, in order to Guardiola prove his ability, after all, at the Etihad Stadium, the Australian international midfielder did not get any chance to play. In fact, Manchester City should also be aware of the strength of Kazakhstan town Josh Anderson Jersey, because in the fifth round of the FA Cup last season, the two sides had a 0-0 draw. Last season, Sun Hing-kuo scored a total of 14 goals in the Premier League, but this season he has only scored 2 goals, then the goal of the South Korean striker is to get at least the same season this season Number of goals. Sun Xingliao said: "Last season, I scored a lot Sergei Bobrovsky Jersey, so the result will naturally improve my expectations of myself. Of course, I absolutely can not think too much about this issue, otherwise my performance on the pitch will certainly be negatively affected " In this international competition cycle Matt Calvert Jersey, the South Korean national team will be held in Suwon, Busan and Colombia, Serbia, two warm-up match, "Tai Chi Tiger" must hope that 25-year-old Sun Xingtao can score in these two games. Since 2017 Joonas Korpisalo Jersey, South Korea won only one victory in the international competition. Although the team won the World Cup qualification, it is clear that such a result can not satisfy the fans in the country. Sun Hing-kuo made it clear that the more serious the challenge, the more it can inspire his fighting spirit.

Manchester City last season 2-1 Manchester United

Le 8 November 2017, 11:49 dans Humeurs 0

Manchester City last season 2-1 Manchester United, but this season is a brand new story. Manchester United currently standings in the Premiership standings, in order to catch up or even overtake Manchester City Markus Hannikainen Jersey, the Red Devils must defeat the city rivals after a month at Old Trafford. In the fourth round of last season, Manchester City performed well in the first 45 minutes of the same city Derby, Blue Moon once got a 2-0 lead, and the Manchester United defense thoroughly detonated. However, before the break in the midfielder, debut Manchester City debut Bravo appeared low-level mistakes, his bad performance, so blue Moon loyal in the last 45 minutes, such as pins and needles. Son Heung-Min said: "able to warm-up match with the teams Brandon Dubinsky Jersey, which is very helpful for the Korean team, although we can certainly win the game against weak teams, but also accumulated to a certain self-confidence, but not weak on the World Cup. trip, so little sense as a warm-up for the Korean team, only warm-up match against top teams, we can really find their own shortcomings, just so we can continue to progress. I am very much appreciated Scholes and Ryan Giggs, I also like Manchester United very much. In this regard, I am very jealous of my former Czech national team mate Popovsky John Ramage Jersey, because he had had a very great career at Manchester United. Today Oliver Bjorkstrand Jersey, Bobsiji still love Manchester United, which I know well.

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